Love and Its Case; Flowers and Oxytocin #1-4 is a series of four encased collages made from photographs of cut flowers and paint that has been mixed with hormones, specifically the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone involved in complex brain activity such as bonding and trusting. The photographs in this series are shot at a close range so to limit the “perspective” that one gains from an outside or panoramic view. In certain cognitive reasoning processes, “perspective” is gained after hormones have run their course on the brain. The materials of Love and Its Case; Flowers and Oxytocin #1-4 present evidence of the human desire to preserve temporal beauty, likening it to the desire to preserve the feeling of falling in love.  Oxytocin is conceived of as the tangible substance pulsing through the intangible complexities that make up “love” and allow bonding and trusting to occur.