Magic Objects #1-3 and Painting Mirrors #2-5

Magic Objects #1-3andPainting Mirrors #2-5
Make up the installation titledMegan Lindeman: For US, exhibited at Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont Graduate University, in 2008. Thelarge elliptical paintings are referred to asMagic Objectsand the hybrid objects are referred to asPainting Mirrors. ThePainting Mirrorsfunction as part paintings part furniture and arebased on Shaker design proportions and a belief that the simple and functional object is an embodiment of beauty. This work also implicates the viewer as part of its co-menaing maker; thePainting Mirrorswivels 180 degrees and requires the viewer to determine the work’s orientation.

The wall paintings titledMagic Object #1, It's High Time for A Peace Sign; Magic Object #2; and Magic Object #3 areoil on canvas and each measure 84" x 41”, 213.36 x 104.14 cm. ThePainting Mirrors include oil paint on canvas, antique ribbon, walnut wood stands and each measure 80" x 41”, 203.2 x 104.14 cm