Kiristin Frost, Michelle Carla Handel and Megan Lindeman at Norco Art Gallery, Norco, CA

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IMG_1363IMG_1357Kiristin Frost, Michelle Carla Handel and Megan Lindeman at Norco Art Gallery, Norco, CA  ON VIEW 10/28/17- 12/16/17


Throughout the work in this show and within other bodies of work, I mix oxytocin with paint. Oxytocin is a hormone involved in complex brain activity, such as bonding and trusting. Oxytocin is the tangible substance pulsing through all the intangible qualities that create feelings of connectivity; trust, togetherness, and general bonding and love. I use the molecule as a conceptual anchor in swirling and sometimes ambiguous forms of color and pattern. The colors and patterns are often informed by nebulous emotion and fleeting feelings as well as various visual ephemera from pop culture. Within the “Richness of Darkness” series, oxytocin is the anchor within dark areas of swirling color, references to 90’s era aesthetics (i.e. “Laura Ashley” prints and colors like “hunter green”), as well as shapes and colors referencing the US. Army, the ISIS flag and Afghanistan (seen in works of art belonging to this body of work but not currently on display). The latter of which are entities currently engaged in political and often violent turmoil due in part to US foreign policy in the 90’s, hence the 90’s print reference. The presence of oxytocin in this particular body of work speaks towards our constant ability (though we may choose not to use this ability) to trust and bond even in the face of war and darkness.

In the “Hand Slap” series I use cut out shapes of distorted text bubbles, abstracted to almost unrecognizable shapes in some cases. These shapes serve as a ground or site for hand prints that smear, slap, press, and drag paint and oxytocin across the surface of the white cotton paper. I place these gestures and materials within the realm of a distorted text bubble as this realm offers a contemporary space for communication and connectivity, albeit with some distinctive lack. The hand prints speak in part towards this lack and the need for touch, while the oxytocin element hints at a similar need it also represents our ability to experience embodied connectivity, bonded communication and personal interaction. Ultimately the interconnection between these visual elements is shifting; the distorted text bubbles, the hand prints, and the oxytocin are all in flux and represent the fluidity inherent in human communication.

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