The Heat, as in air temperature

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There is heat outside today, there is even heat inside today. I’m feeling it all over.  Whenever the air temperature rises, it does something interesting to everyone as Heat has no bias, it does not discriminate. Though there are those humans who can meat the Heat with air conditioning and those humans who can’t for various reasons, both complex and simple. But if you are a human and you want to take a walk outside and it’s hot, the Heat is going to be there no matter who you are, especially today in Los Angeles (also, just an FYI: I am inspired to capitalize the H in heat because this heat feels very proper nouny, that is it has a certain distinction and individuality today that I feel the need to recognize).

My evaluation of the Heat is a positive one. I like the Heat. Because as I stated above  it does something interesting to everyone. It doesn’t just slow us down, it takes over our minds in large and small ways. We think about the heat, we talk about the heat, and we in some way feel as if we know the heat. We say things like, “Oh my God, it’s so hot.” Then someone is like, “I know!” It’s the Heat.

Our bodies certainly know something about the Heat. Even if you are in a highly air conditioned environment for 90% of your day, there will be a moment when you walk from some sort of structure say a building or a hut, to another structure say a mobile structure like a car or a porta-potty, where your cool, clean, possibly white with light blue checks, 100% cotton, button down, dress shirt will moisten with your under arm perspiration.  Your body is saying “Hello old friend, I know you, let me give you a nice and sweaty secret hand shake.” Then the Heat says, “Yep, it’s me. I’ll play along and complete the secret hand shake, but you have really tried to stay away from me lately. That kinda bums me out. But you know what, I love you. And I’m going to be legally touching your body and possibly affecting your mind for awhile, maybe all day, maybe all week.”

Oh, the darn Heat, is pretty interesting, almost cute in his ability to never have to obey laws written by humans, and just come and go whenever he likes.

I give the Heat 4 golden ladders* for leveling the playing field (when it comes to experiences of walking outside) and for turning us humans more toward self soothing and enlivening behaviors like putting ice down our pants and poaring water over our own heads while sitting in the back seat of large automobiles that have no working air conditioning, and for operating without needing any kind of governmental permit.

*the golden ladder system of evaluation works like this: If you are something in life and you help elevate the experience of life to a more humane, civilized, profound, wild, chaotic, or generally richer felt experience then you are given acknowledgement by the assignment of one to five little (yet to be drawn) images of a ladder made out of gold (theoretically-just imagine these images for now). The assigned number of ladder images line up and appreciate you for existing.

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