Kalashnikov Rifles, Something I’ve Noticed

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Something I’ve noticed lately (like within the last few weeks) while reading English language news is the inclusion of the proper noun Kalashnikov when labeling rifles. This proper noun has been appearing more frequently in the news articles I’m reading. This struck me as odd. Why now am I seeing this type of description? Perhaps western media is doing its part to inform or remind us of where the weapons various terrorists are using came from. In this case, Russia. Though, they are manufactured in many countries, with and without licenses, which is to say… not necessarily Russia. Though it stands as a reminder of an origin and a country with which the U.S. continues to have complicated ties. Example Article Of course there are many interesting and horrible issues to note in this article link,  I picked this issue of labeling the Kalashnikov rifles because it came to my attention within the first 15 seconds of reading the article.   In the movie Lord of War, the character Yuri Orlov, an arms dealer played by Nicolas Cage, mentions the Kalashnikov: Of all the weapons in the vast Soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947…. … read more

I am not painting

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Not painting shape Not painting scenes Not painting faces no pets, no legs. I’m painting words I’m painting phrases They dance like lakes And live like laces. Not painting bows Not painting freckles Not painting Grandma or Nazi’s or your pile of shoes. I’m painting some letters And their sounds too. I’m painting a party And all the frowns too. Not your car Not it’s slick paint job Not that country And not its snack mixes. It’s the White House It’s the President It’s his wife And all the cleaning ladies The carpet too. I’m painting the chalkboard I’m painting our dinner I’m painting the formulation The salad and the wiener. I’m painting the rose garden I’m painting the gate key. It’s the text books, they’re in shambles And don’t we all know it. It’s who left the coffee stains. No I’m not German. I mean yes, my family is. I mean my ancestors. I am American. Though I have lived in Europe. But no I’m not painting the forest Not even the War. I’m not painting brush strokes or Coachella or Hesbola any more. No, I’m not painting this land. No, I’m not painting your Heaven. I’m not painting … read more