Kalashnikov Rifles, Something I’ve Noticed

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Something I’ve noticed lately (like within the last few weeks) while reading English language news is the inclusion of the proper noun Kalashnikov when labeling rifles. This proper noun has been appearing more frequently in the news articles I’m reading. This struck me as odd. Why now am I seeing this type of description? Perhaps western media is doing its part to inform or remind us of where the weapons various terrorists are using came from. In this case, Russia. Though, they are manufactured in many countries, with and without licenses, which is to say… not necessarily Russia. Though it stands as a reminder of an origin and a country with which the U.S. continues to have complicated ties. Example Article Of course there are many interesting and horrible issues to note in this article link,  I picked this issue of labeling the Kalashnikov rifles because it came to my attention within the first 15 seconds of reading the article.   In the movie Lord of War, the character Yuri Orlov, an arms dealer played by Nicolas Cage, mentions the Kalashnikov: Of all the weapons in the vast Soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947…. … read more

New York Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1

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Two of my wine reviews were recently published in The Kite. The Kite is a uniquely awesome art publication that features the writings and drawings of various artists. In issue 5 you can find contributions by Julien Ceccaldi, Meg Cranston, Tyler Dobson, Eve Fowler, Richard Hawkins, Charles Irvin, Oscar Tuazon, and myself.  On Friday Sept 20, join the party at 6 pm at the Ooga Booga booth in the New York Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1 and celebrate the release of great and unusual writing by great and unusual artists!

Songs and Banners of “My Freedom Is Too Big”

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My Freedom Is Too Big is a project that began in 2011 and includes photographs, video, and an original song. For this project I traveled to Mt. Tamalpais State Park, a beautiful place with personal significance. This place has a kind of simple aesthetic. It is  an archetypal landscape; seemingly untouched with miles of green rolling hills and blue sky. It is as if there is no room for confusion when you are in this landscape. Everything feels like it is set in its right place somehow. Which is in contradiction to the broken systems of governing that fuels the content of this project. My Freedom Is Too Big was born out of a desire to relate the international fight against oppressive regimes in Egypt (as marked by the start of the Arab Spring) with the fight for uninhibited expression and the complexities of personal freedom. The song Whoa You Guys OK? is featured in the forthcoming video titled My Freedom Is Too Big. The phrases “Whoa You Guys OK?” and “It’s Cool,” are spoken by me and can be herd within layers of American military marches and Egyptian rhythms.Thanks to the amazing producer Jahi Lake and musician Andrew Kron for their work … read more