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For Real

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To be really real

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Forget reality.

The Hyper-Real, Baudrillard

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In the Flower Shop series I refer to a “hyper-real” environment. Here I am referring  to a form of “reality” that Baudrillard coined as “hyperreality” in Simulacra and Simulation. In the Flower Shop series I photograph a subject (the flower) and it’s environment (which includes the lighting systems and cooling systems). Both have been separated from or are without an origin. They exist to simulate. This post-modern mode and/or phenomena is not without emotion and feelings, and the notion of existing to simulate, for me, is sad. Origin exists. And without it we become lost. I am all for versions of versions however I don’t want to ever forget where I came from. I am an American so for me this gets complicated, even so, simulated stimuli will never allow me to experience original existence.