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Wine Review 3/17/2017

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Recently I had the pleasure of relishing a glass of HAUNER 2013 HIERA TERRE SICILIANE with three members of my beloved girl gang. The sensations and taste-trips that sprang from the first glass are noted in all their surrealness below. A side note: something about this wine made me jump from the self to the other  in ways other wines haven’t. A second side note: something about this wine makes me call out to the dear collective powers that are lager then my single life with a confused but wholehearted Thank You! This wine is amazingly delicious. So, like I said, omg. I have yet to meet a Sicilian wine like this. It’s so bright thousands of years of volcanic ash can dull not a single note. The first sip begins with a bright orange, tangerine infused, sticky, sugary film that I sense forming across my toes like a snow flake melting in reverse. Then the flavor held in my mouth creates a sensation that jumps to my heart, your heart, and the skin that stretches over this most wonderful, life giving, love shattering organ. This skin is touched and soothed and covered in the orange tinted, translucent, warm, sugary … read more

Kiristin Frost, Michelle Carla Handel and Megan Lindeman at Norco Art Gallery, Norco, CA

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Kiristin Frost, Michelle Carla Handel and Megan Lindeman at Norco Art Gallery, Norco, CA  ON VIEW 10/28/17- 12/16/17   Throughout the work in this show and within other bodies of work, I mix oxytocin with paint. Oxytocin is a hormone involved in complex brain activity, such as bonding and trusting. Oxytocin is the tangible substance pulsing through all the intangible qualities that create feelings of connectivity; trust, togetherness, and general bonding and love. I use the molecule as a conceptual anchor in swirling and sometimes ambiguous forms of color and pattern. The colors and patterns are often informed by nebulous emotion and fleeting feelings as well as various visual ephemera from pop culture. Within the “Richness of Darkness” series, oxytocin is the anchor within dark areas of swirling color, references to 90’s era aesthetics (i.e. “Laura Ashley” prints and colors like “hunter green”), as well as shapes and colors referencing the US. Army, the ISIS flag and Afghanistan (seen in works of art belonging to this body of work but not currently on display). The latter of which are entities currently engaged in political and often violent turmoil due in part to US foreign policy in the 90’s, hence the … read more

Interview and Feature in FLOORR Magazine Issue 3

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A recent interview and feature of my work appears in FLOORR Magazine. You can read about why I use actual hormones in my work and why I use long, weird, slang-ish, verbose, sometimes repetitive titles. Hint: they are all gestures to keep me grounded and unambigious.  You can also check out several other international artists whose work and practice are both beautiful and thought provoking.  

Kalashnikov Rifles, Something I’ve Noticed

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Something I’ve noticed lately (like within the last few weeks) while reading English language news is the inclusion of the proper noun Kalashnikov when labeling rifles. This proper noun has been appearing more frequently in the news articles I’m reading. This struck me as odd. Why now am I seeing this type of description? Perhaps western media is doing its part to inform or remind us of where the weapons various terrorists are using came from. In this case, Russia. Though, they are manufactured in many countries, with and without licenses, which is to say… not necessarily Russia. Though it stands as a reminder of an origin and a country with which the U.S. continues to have complicated ties. Example Article Of course there are many interesting and horrible issues to note in this article link,  I picked this issue of labeling the Kalashnikov rifles because it came to my attention within the first 15 seconds of reading the article.   In the movie Lord of War, the character Yuri Orlov, an arms dealer played by Nicolas Cage, mentions the Kalashnikov: Of all the weapons in the vast Soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947…. … read more

Are we all homeless?

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Does it make sense? Are we all homeless? Milk cartons hanging from metal rods, full of white milk. Light pink straps, light green straps, tie down nothing. They do decorate, though I’m not sure what. The colors feel nice, like finding your missing black sock, like the sun poking through the clouds. But It’s not Easter. There is no third day under a bridge, in a gallery. It’s all art, it’s all life. But what about my english class? I never went. My teacher, she didn’t care. So I can’t speak to you. I don’t know where I came from, I don’t know what I’m looking at. I know a bridge though, it keeps me dry when it never rains in LA. And the metal rods, they’re stainless steel. They keep my shopping cart off the internet. It’s my mobile home. The items in my cart they are my thoughts, they are my words, my yelling, my thuggin, my brothas. I talk to them. They tell me who be snitchin. I put them on my top shelf. I fight you for the best wall space; this group show is actually a me show. Some nice time in the big yard. … read more

Radicalized, Small Threats, and Of Course The Sunrise at 1522 Saint Louis

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1522 Saint Louis is proud to present Radicalized, Small Threats, and Of Course the Sunrise February 6th- March 20th, 2015 In the exhibition – Radicalized, Small Threats, and Of Course the Sunrise – Megan Lindeman mixes nostalgia with emotion and science in new works that deliver an abstract and potent recognition of today’s political climate. Oxytocin (a hormone involved in complicated brain activity like bonding and trusting) is mixed with gouache and painted on canvas and paper in a manner that hints at modernist roots as well as today’s transdisciplinary spirit. Titles like Hunter Green (a color from the 90’s like when I was 12 so that’d be 93′), and the Richness of Darkness, 2015 and Army Green Y’all, Laura Ashley Coveted Flower Print, It’s even Worse Then It Seems, and The Richness of Darkness, 2015 eluded to the roll that color, pattern and nostalgia play in the works. Her titles also elude to the narrative origin of the works that the artist describes as “complicatedly positive.”

Wine Review 11/17/2014

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Arthur Earl, 2007,  Tempranillo, California Central Coast This wine has two sides; one side you meet in the street, the other side you meet behind closed doors. Though one side is more revealing, both are fairly discreet and full of mystery. The initial top notes of this wine walk me out into the middle of the street in a small, humid, central Alabama neighborhood.  I fill my mouth with the fruitful liquid and begin to feel the black pavement hot under my bare feet. The hot sensation moves up my legs and intensifies as it comes to a rusty, iron, gothic point under my tongue. I walk to the middle of the street. The tar that has been used to fill the cracks in the pavement is warm and malleable under my toes. My big toe and second and third toe curl around it and try to squeeze the soft material. My foot relaxes as I begin to swallow. I walk from the street towards the woods that seem to endlessly surround the neighborhood. Then something fills me up and I begin to run. I run into the woods and take a leap off a low bank and into a lake … read more

The Heat, as in air temperature

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There is heat outside today, there is even heat inside today. I’m feeling it all over.  Whenever the air temperature rises, it does something interesting to everyone as Heat has no bias, it does not discriminate. Though there are those humans who can meat the Heat with air conditioning and those humans who can’t for various reasons, both complex and simple. But if you are a human and you want to take a walk outside and it’s hot, the Heat is going to be there no matter who you are, especially today in Los Angeles (also, just an FYI: I am inspired to capitalize the H in heat because this heat feels very proper nouny, that is it has a certain distinction and individuality today that I feel the need to recognize). My evaluation of the Heat is a positive one. I like the Heat. Because as I stated above  it does something interesting to everyone. It doesn’t just slow us down, it takes over our minds in large and small ways. We think about the heat, we talk about the heat, and we in some way feel as if we know the heat. We say things like, “Oh my God, … read more

Home (-) Free at Elephant

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home(-)free March 14, 2014 – April 2, 2014 Opening Friday, March 14, 2014, 7-10pm Performance 9pm “You want Better cars And a better heart Another start Yo’ own yard And a place to park You wanna
Trust ’em ??” -Trick Daddy, America Elephant is pleased to present home(-)free, an exhibition of new works by Sofía Córdova and Megan Lindeman. Córdova’s and Lindeman’s works both question the nature of freedom as it relates to American-ness. Questions of origin, outsider/insider status, belonging (and not belonging), political and historical patterns come together through photography, painting, video, sound and performance. Lindeman’s project, My Freedom Is Too Big, uses the expansiveness of the Western American landscape as the backdrop for the proclamation of personal freedom. My Freedom Is Too Big began in 2011 at the start of the Arab Spring and presents a collage of abstracted images of protests in Tahrir Square alongside photographs of hand-painted banners floating over the open landscapes of California. The banners, which depict colorfully painted statements such as “My Freedom Is Too Big” and “I’d Like to Tell You Why,” are thrown in the air and photographed in California’s picturesque landscapes. Their depiction plays in contrast to most contemporary visual depictions … read more