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Chime&Co. is an artist run space founded in 2008 by artist Megan Lindeman and art enthusiast Chime Serra, nephew of sculptor Richard Serra. It is located in Silver Lake, CA at 512 N. Hoover Street LA, CA 90004. Chime&Co. is dedicated to providing space and support for the exhibition of innovative and emerging contemporary art. For more information please visit or visit us on Facebook.

The Procession, Test Site #3, and JOHN GERUND

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Thank you Josh Stone for the traverse toward celebration. Your candle light procession through the streets of Los Angeles lead by an accordion player made Turbulent Time; First It’s The After Party especially special. Thank you Astri and Quinn for using Chime&Co. as test sight #3. Your ritualistic campfire building did infact create community, and YES we noticed the sacred geometry. Also thanks to Chutie and JOHN GERUND and DJ Tiger Necklace for making convo with T Jam. You guys were amazing blasts of sound juice and body earthquakes on stage. Thanks so much for playing!! Can’t wait for the 50th reunion tour. Glad you played your first show at Chime&Co.                

Zolshie in Turbulent Times; First It’s the After Party

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Thank you Zolshi for reading 1,000 prodigious fortunes last night. From the many people  I spoke with, I gather your readings were like an arrow hitting a golden cloud target. Those who were seeking their futures reviled now have some chewing material to use as they wish. For those of you who don’t know: Zolshi is Yoshie Sakai ‘s insecure physic in training avatar. Sakai often creates characters that function as avatars acting out responses to contemporary society, addressing the social, cultural, and personal. For this show Zolshi guides the participant in revealing the complexities of living in current turbulent times while grappling with the potentials of our future.

Turbulent Times; First It’s The After Party:: Opening at Chime&Co.

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Turbulent Times; First It’s The After Party presents the work of Nathan Danilowicz, Mike Erickson, Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg, Yoshie Sakai, Josh Stone, Astri Swendsrud, Tanya Rubbak and includes painting, sculpture, new media, and performance. Collectively, this work explores the creative acts of celebrating and believing; and presents the necessity of such acts within the context of our current tumultuous times.   April 13th- May 11th, 2013;  Opening April 13th, 2013  7-10pm Mike Erickson’s Dirty Mystical Cheers Platter, 2008-2013 has taken various forms and iterations.  For Turbulent Times; Fist It’s The After Party , the piece is exhibited as shown to the left. As a constant Dirty Mystical Cheers Platter presents  the remnants of casual communing (beer pitchers) and mystic and pedestrian materials of celebration and hope (mardi gras beads and lottery tickets).       The Semi Tropic Spiritualists (Astri Swendsrud and Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg) preform Semi Tropic Spiritualists Test Site #3 (performance prop show at left).                   Detail of Swendsrud’s Does Such A Luminous Secret Exist? (Black), 2012. Swendrud’s work often uses birthday candles to investigate issues of belief, transformation, and anticipation. Does Such A Luminous Secret Exist? (Black)’s use of symbolic geometry and an ornate framing device leads the viewer to a … read more