Interview and Feature in FLOORR Magazine Issue 3

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A recent interview and feature of my work appears in FLOORR Magazine. You can read about why I use actual hormones in my work and why I use long, weird, slang-ish, verbose, sometimes repetitive titles. Hint: they are all gestures to keep me grounded and unambigious.  You can also check out several other international artists whose work and practice are both beautiful and thought provoking.  

I am not painting

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Not painting shape Not painting scenes Not painting faces no pets, no legs. I’m painting words I’m painting phrases They dance like lakes And live like laces. Not painting bows Not painting freckles Not painting Grandma or Nazi’s or your pile of shoes. I’m painting some letters And their sounds too. I’m painting a party And all the frowns too. Not your car Not it’s slick paint job Not that country And not its snack mixes. It’s the White House It’s the President It’s his wife And all the cleaning ladies The carpet too. I’m painting the chalkboard I’m painting our dinner I’m painting the formulation The salad and the wiener. I’m painting the rose garden I’m painting the gate key. It’s the text books, they’re in shambles And don’t we all know it. It’s who left the coffee stains. No I’m not German. I mean yes, my family is. I mean my ancestors. I am American. Though I have lived in Europe. But no I’m not painting the forest Not even the War. I’m not painting brush strokes or Coachella or Hesbola any more. No, I’m not painting this land. No, I’m not painting your Heaven. I’m not painting … read more

Songs and Banners of “My Freedom Is Too Big”

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My Freedom Is Too Big is a project that began in 2011 and includes photographs, video, and an original song. For this project I traveled to Mt. Tamalpais State Park, a beautiful place with personal significance. This place has a kind of simple aesthetic. It is  an archetypal landscape; seemingly untouched with miles of green rolling hills and blue sky. It is as if there is no room for confusion when you are in this landscape. Everything feels like it is set in its right place somehow. Which is in contradiction to the broken systems of governing that fuels the content of this project. My Freedom Is Too Big was born out of a desire to relate the international fight against oppressive regimes in Egypt (as marked by the start of the Arab Spring) with the fight for uninhibited expression and the complexities of personal freedom. The song Whoa You Guys OK? is featured in the forthcoming video titled My Freedom Is Too Big. The phrases “Whoa You Guys OK?” and “It’s Cool,” are spoken by me and can be herd within layers of American military marches and Egyptian rhythms.Thanks to the amazing producer Jahi Lake and musician Andrew Kron for their work … read more

Lager Images of Love and Its Case; Flowers and Oxytocin #1-4

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Art & Life

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Through art I enter life.

More Violence

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Inspiration for new flower painting series titled More Violence, 2013.  Éouard Manet’s Roses in a Glass, 1883   And Jan Philips van Thielen’s Roses and a Tulip in a Glass Vase, c.1650/1660. Megan Lindeman, Flowers in a Flower Shop, Gouache and archival inkjet prints on paper, 2011  

The Hyper-Real, Baudrillard

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In the Flower Shop series I refer to a “hyper-real” environment. Here I am referring  to a form of “reality” that Baudrillard coined as “hyperreality” in Simulacra and Simulation. In the Flower Shop series I photograph a subject (the flower) and it’s environment (which includes the lighting systems and cooling systems). Both have been separated from or are without an origin. They exist to simulate. This post-modern mode and/or phenomena is not without emotion and feelings, and the notion of existing to simulate, for me, is sad. Origin exists. And without it we become lost. I am all for versions of versions however I don’t want to ever forget where I came from. I am an American so for me this gets complicated, even so, simulated stimuli will never allow me to experience original existence.